Where/how do I register with CERS?

Our Web Center will allow you to submit a candidate profile directly to our tenured recruiters. The Web Center is built utilizing the latest technology therefore; you may either utilize your resume or manually complete our basic application for review. The system will save as you go and allow you to edit once completed.

Do you offer opportunities to overseas candidates?

No. Unfortunately, at this time, CERS can only provide employment services to individuals who are authorized to work in the United States or Canada, and who are able to travel to our office for an interview.

How much does CERS’s Service cost?

CERS’s services are completely free to you, the candidate.

How does CERS make money?

The companies you go to work for compensate CERS for our services.

If companies have to pay you, doesn’t that mean I could make more money on my own?

No. The money CERS makes doesn’t come out of your salary. It comes out of the other costs employers face when hiring. Costs such as Advertising and Recruitment, Workers Compensation Insurance, the Employer Contribution to Social Security, Lost Time Interviewing and Reviewing Resumes. Over and above what an employer pays the employee, it actually costs anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 to hire somebody. Because of our economies of scale, CERS can do this cheaper and more efficiently than a typical employer and they pay us for the money and time we save them.

In fact, it has been our experience that you would often make less money on your own because our professional Recruiters act as your agent to negotiate the highest level of compensation possible.

Aren’t all employment, staffing, and recruiting companies the same?

No. CERS is very different. We are one of the few companies who can offer you both direct hire and temporary placements. Perhaps more importantly, CERS understands that you are every bit as important as employers to our success. Because it is the employers that pay for staffing services, most companies view them as the client. If you’ve been to other services and were treated poorly it makes sense once you understand how they actually see you.

At CERS, we know this is unacceptable and this is why we have created our candidate consultation program to not just uncover skills but really grasp an understanding of your career aspirations and short/long term goals. We even guarantee a next step in order to prove that we take your investment of time seriously!

How much will I make?

That depends on a wide variety of factors including what you want to do, how marketable your skills are, the industry you specialize in and any number of other unique variables. Your Recruiter can help you evaluate your earning potential more thoroughly.

How do I get paid?

That depends on the type of placement. If you are hired by one of our employers in a Direct Hire position, you get your paychecks and benefits from them just like any other employee. CERS will ensure that you fully understand the benefits and compensation plan prior to acceptance.

If you are selected to work for CERS as a contractor or temporary associate you are paid by CERS. Generally we run weekly payroll however, 1099 or Corp-to-Corp transactions are often an exception. Your recruiter will outline any exception prior to the acceptance of a position.

Is Direct Deposit available?

Yes. All associates are eligible for direct deposit providing your assignment is at least 2 weeks in length. We run all requests through an account verification system to ensure that once activated you will not have any problems.

What days does your pay week run; which day to which day?

All of our W-2 associates follow a pay week which goes from Monday through Sunday regardless of their start date. We process and pay for the week previous each week.

When is pay day?

We release paychecks every Friday for the previous week.

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