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Accounting & Finance Division

Accounting and Finance positions can be difficult to fill as all too often the business requirements are far beyond what’s required to secure a relevant degree.    These jobs require soft skills & workplace competencies that are often overlooked during the recruitment cycle.

The A&F sector has been going through major challenges when finding and retaining qualified personnel.   These challenges include a growing skills gap and historically low unemployment numbers.

Our dedicated team of Accounting & Finance professionals have been trained to evaluate soft skills so that we can deliver candidates who can immediately impact your organization.   Crunching numbers is only part of the modern Accounting & Finance professionals role.   We know businesses require professionals who can interpret the numbers to help shape corporate strategy and processes.   Exceptional talent has all the fundamental accounting skills but also demonstrates diverse business and technology acumen.

CERS has a single focus: to simplify the recruiting and hiring process so you can secure the talent you need to stay competitive in today’s fast moving markets.  We avoid the single dimension recruiting approach offered by most firms.   Today’s market conditions demand a more dynamic approach. Something more Cutting-Edge…we use this approach to empower you to hire with total confidence.

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Our range of Accounting & Finance services

CERS understands that you need flexible staffing options. Whether you need an individual or a solution that may involve multiple resources our Accounting & Finance recruiters have you covered. Our team will thoroughly research your company’s unique hiring & project needs to make an impact when you need it most.

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